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What do people remember about Michael Jackson?

Written by: Asmaa Anwar 8 February 2021 Jackson was known as the King of Pop, and with four decades worth of smash-hit pop music, he made an incredibly positive impact on the world of music. Between 1979 and 1991, Jackson released hit after hit on each album, from Off the Wall to Dangerous, and wasContinue reading “What do people remember about Michael Jackson?”


Who is the first fashion magazine founder?

History of fashion magazines goes hundreds of years back. The first magazine was created by a man for men in 1672. A magazine of literary-critical content “Gallant Mercury” was started in French Lyon. “Gallant Mercury” was the prototype of the modern glossy magazine, albeit targeted primarily for men. Soon enough fashion magazines fever spread acrossContinue reading “Who is the first fashion magazine founder?”

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